Award winning pop singer, composer, host of tv shows and contests, actor and model presents highlights of the past 10 years.
Wrote the music, composed the lyrics and is recording 2nd studio CD Songs from NYC
Created a new music video for the song, Love to You, which was released as a first single on February 12th along with a concert in the Club Crystal.  
Has been nominated as one of the Stylish Performers for Latvian Style and Fashion Award.
Composed Bye Bye and was performed by Sabine Berezina and beat-box group PeR and entered into the top 5 by the judges and telephone voting results.  
Performed for the dance group Kaprize’s 15th year anniversary event at club Studio 69 along with other famous Latvian pop artists.  
Released first solo album that was presented by the concert hall Ave Sol.  
The brand new hit Love to You that was inspired by New York City has already received good reviews from music critiques and is prepared to be released as Mikelis’ (Markus Riva) first international song/maxi single with remix by French producer Alucard who is signed with Solarstone.
Paired up with famous actress Agnese Zeltina to host The New Year TV show for Latvian Music Video Channel.  
The January  issue of Cosmopolitan magazine featured a publication about Mikelis (Markus Riva) and acclaimed as one of the most attractive new-comers in show business.  
Performed at Nike Dance Stage event among the other famous Latvian performers like Ladybird, Lily, and Ozols and for the World’s leading dance event Sensation White at the Riga Arena which gathered more than 10,000 people.
Was on the set for 2 new videos for his songs Paradizes Vasara and Love at First Sight.  The song Paradizes Vasara became one of the biggest summer hits in Latvia and the video made its premiere on July 17th.  The song had a huge interest from Latvian DJ’s and was remixed and released as a maxi single.  
Sang smash hit Paradizes Vasara on the TV show Paldies Dievam, Piektdiena ir Klat! (Thank God it’s Friday!) on air on LNT TV.  
Worked for the concert organization  Ave Sol and was involved in countless cultural events in the capital including First International Choir Festival and the contest Music Inspiration Landscape.
Recorded radio single Tava Tuvuma which rose to Number One in the charts.  
Performed the role of Action Boy in 11 sold-out shows of West Side Story.  Received acclaim as a very talented and successful actor for this role.  

Performed in 11 sold-out shows of West Side Story.
Released radio single Dala no Tevis #1 on the charts of Star FM, Fit FM, and radio SWH Prieksnams. 
Performed  as a warm-up act for singer Yana Kay.  
Signed with Deeselecta 
Recorded Melot vai Telot  
Recorded That Girl is Mine with Kristine Grundmane and Renars Graumanis
Selected as one of the six stand-in persons for The International Eurovision Song Contest in Riga and worked with producers from Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, and contestants from 24 European countries.
Starred in the Latvian television series The Junior TV
Joined R&B and Hip Hop group Spiets as lead singer and songwriter.  Notable concerts included Nokia Stage and Extreme Sports. 
First song recording, Mister Simple, with the highly acclaimed producer Gints Stankevics.  

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