Friday, July 9, 2010


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


When I was a small kid and I lived in a village called Sabile /in Latvia/ I used to watch Australian TV series named Neighbours. Even now, 16 years later I clearly remember the nicest smile that belonged to Kylie. Still belongs. I never saw her sad and that's how her music is. Never sad, never sober. That's why I love her. Saw Kylie live in concert two years ago in Riga, stood in a front row with a ticket that was bought in the first day when tickets were available just to see her smile. With the new CD she gives us tasty electro dance whith trendy pop indergridients. And she does that again! Compilation of cute songs that will always remind me of the summer 2010!

- sincerely yours

Monday, July 5, 2010


This morning I couldn't sleep anymore and I woke up before 6 am and went out to see the world. I watched how the nature deals with the sunrise. My coffee got cold and orange juice melt in the moment. I sit there for hour, maybe two. And I was careless. And I thought about millionaires and billionaires. But I felt richer than any. Because I had my handful filled with million sandstones. And in front of me few dears came out from the wood and lowly stared at me. As I blinked they were gone. Sunshine was taking over the nightly shadows and I stood up to step in the grass. I couldn't be much higher because I felt the dew - this heavenly water!
I love nature and I love to be millionaire. We all are!

- sincerely yours

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